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My children love Mis Amigos! Luisa does a great job of incorporating Spanish through play, art, and songs.  Mis Amigos has been a great opportunity to introduce my children to a second language in a fun and artistic environment. ​- Rebecca Myers (Spring, 2015)

It is my pleasure to endorse Mis Amigos Learning Center to forthcoming families. My wife and I are exceptionally pleased with the bilingual curriculum and arts emphasis Luisa educates our son with. As bilingual parents we wanted to expose our son to a diverse environment and to continue to promote social interaction with other children in Spanish. Coupled with daily artistic projects, singing, dancing, and other Spanish centered activities, Mis Amigos has provided a unique child-learning environment. My son looks forward to attending school and comes home with new art projects and interesting Latin American facts on a daily basis. He has learned various words in Spanish, to include counting and greeting people with the basic salutations of the day. In the fall we look forward to enrolling our daughter once our son moves on to school full time. I highly recommend Mis Amigos to other parents who are seeking an educationally fun yet productive environment for their children to learn.​ - Laura Stuart & family (2014-2015 School Year Enrollment)

I am the mother of 4 yr old JJ.  Until this summer JJ has never been to any classes without his momma!  All the fears JJ had of being on his own quickly disappeared on his first day of camp at Mis Amigos.  He was all smiles at every pick up, talked non stop about all that he and his friends had done that day and asked when he would be coming back.  One camp turned into two and if our summer plans had allowed it there would have been more.  He is more independent now and has a great sense of self confidence.  "Maestra Luisa is great" what JJ said when asked how he liked his teacher. - Christel B. (Summer Camp 2014 | 2014-2015 School Year Enrollment)

"Natalie has been taking Spanish classes with Luisa since she was 6 months old.  She is 3 years old now and jumps up and down in the excitement when I tell her we are going to class!" - parent of Natalie Blake, age 3. (Fall 2008 enrollment)


"Willem attends 3 days per week and this is his favorite pre-school of the 2 that he attends.  Luisa, the teacher periodically rotates in new songs and activities such that the children have fun with things familiar and yet enjoy the challenge of new things.  Willem's Spanish is much improved in just 2 months." - parent of Willem MaGee, age 5.  (Fall 2008 enrollment)


"Amalie has been a student at Mis Amigos for two years.  She has learned so much and gained great experience, readying her for kindergarten.  We are excited to enroll our son for next fall!." - parent of Amalie Rhebeck, age 5. (Spring 2010)


"My son has attended multiple summer camps at Mis Amigos – he always asks to go back for more!  The themes are creative and engaging for the children.  These camps are a wonderful way to develop language skills in a fun atmosphere." - parent of Rex, age 6.  (Summer 2011) 

"My husband and I are thankful to have Luisa as our 3 year old son’s first teacher. She is a perfect blend of strictness and kindness.  Luisa welcomed our son to her class with open arms that let him know from the start that MIS AMIGOS would be a safe and caring environment where he would learn, laugh, grow and flourish." - Jennifer Occhipinti  (Fall 2011 enrollment)

"I asked, "Do you know anything about Mis Amigos?"

He said, "I don't know, but the kids come out happy."

That was enough for me. I brought my granddaughter there the next day.

Needless to say, she came out happy and with gifts to bear. The class focused on transportation that day. She brought home the paper airplane she'd made. Every day it was something new, and every day she came out happy. When Luisa asked her how she felt. She responded with feliz, Spanish for happy.

The kids sing songs in Spanish and socialize at the beginning and end of each class. There are three rooms of games and toys. The main room focuses on the lesson of the day—like transportation, feelings, family. An art project follows each lesson. The kids review and bring home the project to share with their families.

Mis Amigos is a great place for kids, and I'm glad I found it.​" - Micki Mannino (Summer Camp 2013)